Vitry Hydra foam dry feet and calluses 150ml

Moisturizer for the 'light as air' feet
Manufacturer: Vitry


SKU 9888501 Vitry Hydra Mousse Pieds Secs Et Callosits 150Ml


View the foam feet VITRY: a moisturizer for the 'light as air' feet. The foam absorbs quickly without leaving unpleasant greasy film.

It forms a protective, imperceptible film that insulates the skin from irritation while allowing it to continue to breathe.

Does not grease.

Does not stick.

System brosage accurate and hygienic

directions for use:

Shake well before use.

Press the foam hydra Vitry to obtain the dose wish.

Massage your feet until the disappearance of MOSS.


150 ml bottle

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