Vitis toothbrush Access Orthodontic


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Vitis Orthodontic Access is a toothbrush with a head smaller than conventional toothbrushes to remove dirt around orthodontic appliances and in the more difficult areas of the mouth.

Sons soft and medium have a V-shape which allow to clean the individual parts and the gums. The brush has a flexible head and a protective cap that preserves the form filaments and the hygiene of your toothbrush.


Orthodontic Access de Vitis toothbrush caters to children and adults with orthodontic appliances (rings, bows, braces, springs, ligatures...).

Operating tips:

Brush your teeth after every meal, taking care to access all parts of your mouth. Take care to gently brush your braces to clean properly without risking damage.


An Orthondontic Access toothbrush with protective cap.