VitaCitral TR Gel very repair 100ml

Repair gel for damaged hands, irritated hands, chapped skin and crevices.
Manufacturer: Akileine Asepta


SKU 7370272 VitaCitral TR Gel very repair 100 ml

repair Gel herbal Aloe Vera, vegetable Glycerin, vitamin A.
hand Treatment: damaged hands, irritated hands, cracks, crevices.

Vitacitral Gel very repairman hands enjoys a formula concentrated hand damaged, irritated, chapped;

A quick penetration, it combines properties :
-Anti-irritant and soothing,
-Restorative and regenerative.

This treatment suitable for manual workers, enjoys a non-greasy, non-sticky texture.

operating tips:
apply at least 2 times a day, focusing on damaged areas.

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