Visiomed ThermoFlash LX - 26 thermometer non-Contact Green

Green thermometer for a capture of the fast tempature and contactless.

Manufacturer: Visiomed

SKU: 6544748 Visiomed ThermoFlash LX - 26 thermometer non-Contact green


TermoFlash LX-26 green is a thermometer without contact.

Means that it measures the temperature without being in contact with the skin. Thus, this calculation is very fast, instant and allows an optimal and precise result.

, Easy to use, this thermometer has 3 modes of measurement:

  • body,

  • ambient,

  • surface for bath, baby bottles or food.

Therefore, in less than a second, the body temperature is measured.

operating Visiomed ThermoFlash LX - 26 green tips:

Select the measurement mode, then place the thermometer at a distance of 5 to 8 cm from the front.


2 AA batteries included.