Visiomed ThermoFlash LX - 26 thermometer non-Contact Blue

SKU: 6544745 Visiomed ThermoFlash Evolution thermometer Medical LX - 26 thermometer LX-26


Operating perfectly simple, ThermoFlash LX - 26 Evolution measure body temperature instantly. Thermoflash is a particularly efficient non-contact thermometer for taking temperature of infants and children at a young age. Baby will more be disturbed during his sleep. team MicroSecondflash, LX - 26 Evolution Thermoflash automatic calibration technology measure the body temperature at a distance of 5-8 cm of the forehead (temporal artery), in less than 1 second. As there is no contact, you can start immediately and as many times as you want on the other members of the family without having to clean or change the tip of the thermometer.