Visiomed TAG Replay refills tobacco Blond Zero for inhalers electronic box of 3

Refills Replay with flexible filters for electronic inhalers RMX250 and DMX400.
Manufacturer: Visiomed


SKU 6544692 Visiomed Replay TAG refills tobacco Blond Zero for inhalers electronic


box 3 refills Replay to flexible filters for electronic inhaler. flavour tobacco blond Zero. this product is based on essential oils and contains no propylene glycol. this recharge contains no nicotine.

indications of Replay refills filters soft:

do not inhale more than 10 puffs to the suite and wait minimum of 30 minutes before reccomencer.

compatible with inhalers RMX250 and DMX400


do not use electronic inhaler:

  • If you're not smoking
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you are allergic to one or more components of the charging
  • If you have problems breathing or heart