Visiomed Tag Replay inhalers electronic Mint refill


SKU 6544844 Visiomed Tag Replay Recharge for inhalers electronic Mint


The refill is composed of a tank containing a mixture of additives, flavour enhancers and eventually nicotine ready to be inhaled. This nicotine in each refill is less nicotine be found in a traditional cigarette. A refill for electronic inhaler Tag Replay is equivalent to about 20 traditional cigarettes.

directions for use:

Gently aspirate and longer than on a traditional cigarette in order to generate an abundant smoke of water vapour. After inhaling 10 puffs with the inhaler TAG REPLAY , the equivalent of a cigarette, it is recommended to stop breathing for at least 30 minutes. Replace by a new TAG REPLAY recharge recharge when the smoke of steam and taste decline.


Essential oil of Valerian. No tobacco and no propylene glycol.


Box 3 refills to flexible-Tip 2 FORT and ZERO dosage (no nicotine) and propylene glyco