Visiomed Simply Touch thermometer Digital forehead VM-200 pink

SimplyTouch, all the technology of the rectal thermometer suitable for frontal use.
Manufacturer: Visiomed


SKU 6544767R Visiomed Simply Touch thermometer Digital forehead VM-200 pink

SimplyTouch is a thermometer, equipped with the latest technology of digital sensor NTC. it measures the thermal flows from your blood vessels to the surface of your skin and converts it to body temperature. Temperature is directly related to the core temperature of the fact of the presence of major streets in the area of the front. This area also more quickly reacts to the rapid changes of temperature.

marketing of the device

Sanareva pharmacists advise you to follow the directions below to use the forehead thermometer SimplyTouch.

  • Press the button for about 3 seconds and release. The thermometer beeps then first. The screen lights up and the last measurement appears automatically.
  • Again briefly press the measuring button. The thermometer emits a second beep and displays 00.0. the thermometer is now ready to be used.
  • Then place the probe on the right temple. The entire surface of the sensor must be in contact with the skin.

cleaning and maintenance

The SimplyTouch thermometer should be cleaned before and after each use, using a swab of alcohol 70 .

We also recommend you not to leave the batteries in SimplyTouch if it is not used for a long period.

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