Visiomed inhale Chamber children + 6 years

inhalation rooms for treatments with aerosols of the children over 6 years.

Manufacturer: Visiomed

SKU: 9954592 Visiomed Inhaler Inhalation room children + 6 years


the Room of Inhalation Inhaler is a medical device that is part of the treatment prescribed by your doctor. It is made of transparent polycarbonate and its volume is 320 ml. her mask contains no latex and is suitable for children over 6 years. this Chamber is equipped with two silicone valve and a set of spare valves. inhalation inhaler is intended to facilitate and maximize the capture of inhaled treatment.

indications of Visiomed Inhaler Inhalation children room:

read these instructions before use of this room. Refer you to the treatment prescribed by your doctor, in case of doubt please consult your pharmacist.