Visiomed Easyscan FTX3 ear thermometer and Frontal blue

SKU: 4835664 Visiomed Easyscan Ftx3 Thermomtre Auriculaire Et Frontal Bleu


EasyScan FTX3 is a talking medical thermometer, using the latest infrared technology.

Simple, accurate and fast, EasyScan FTX3 is always ready to use.

6 features, it allows a fast measurement in front or ear mode. Its control, green, orange or red leds, interprets quickly and in color, the result of taking temperature for immediate diagnosis.

Also shows the time and the room temperature vocally.


-Front grip

-Jack atrial

- Led diagnostic

-Voice result


-Date & time


-Normal conditions of use 15 C - 40 C

-Humidity 20% - 85% RH RH

-Power supply 1 battery CR2032 - Dimensions (Lxwxh): 109 x 44.6 x 28.4 mm

-Gross weight: 100 g/Net: 80 g

-Display in F or C

-Beach of body Temperature of 32 C - 42.9 C

-Range of ambient Temperature of 5 C - 59.9 C

-Precision 0. 2 C

-Consumption less than 50 mA

-Automatic shut-off 2 minutes

directions for use:

Ear mode: for a child of less than one year, pull the ear diagonally backwards to put right the ear canal and gently insert the probe to take.

Front mode: position the thermometer on the front where the right temporal artery (between the eyebrow and the hairline).


1 thermometer