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Visiomed BabyDoo MX6 - One fly baby electronics

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SKU 6544105 Visiomed BabyDoo MX6-One fly baby electronics


the fly electronic baby MXB - One BabyDoo, with diffuser of saline Visiomed laboratory takes care of baby's nose. Soft, efficient, clean, soothing, it ensures optimal nasal hygiene of baby. The fly baby provides a simple gesture and automatically salt (saline) solution to clean and vacuum simultaneously nasal secretions, cluttering your baby's nose. Up to 1 year, the breathing of infants is exclusively nasal and they don't know yet blow his nose, it is therefore essential to maintain strict hygiene to avoid all infections and other complications following a small cold. Fly baby comes with 25 disposable hygienic caps, 3 Tips silicone hypoallergenic, 3 vials for saline sterile 5ml.

Tips for using BabyDoo MX6 - One fly baby Electronics:

it is advisable to use the fly baby in the following cases: flowing, noses, congested nose nasal washing. Turn on the fly baby, and then position the silicone nozzle into the nostril to treat. Distribute the saline by pressing the blue button 1 to 2 seconds, then release, aspiration starts. Leave the Babydoo about 5-10 seconds depending on the State of congestion.

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