Visiomed BabyDoo MX - One fly baby electronics

The fly electronic baby BabyDoo cleans and relieves the nose congested baby.

Manufacturer: Visiomed

SKU: 6544100 Visiomed BabyDoo MX - One fly baby electronics


babies up to 1 year of age do not yet have the reflex to blow his nose and their breathing is only nasal, so they have very quickly from difficulty in breathing. This causes sleep disorders and children are grumpy. To avoid these inconveniences, Visiomed laboratories designed BabyDoo Fly baby MX-One .

indications of BabyDoo MX - One fly baby Electronics:

suction automatic: it allows very little time (8 seconds per nostril) but any smoothly to aspirate the mucus clogging the nose of your child (max power: 50Kpa) pressing right on the on/off button.

capsules hygienic disposable: they are very convenient since you throw away them after each use.

3 Tips Silicones 3 different sizes: guaranteed hypoallergenic and allow you to age your baby to adapt the tip to introduce into the nostrils: Pink for babies up to 3 months, 3 months to 1 year blue and Orange for babies of one year and more.

pack contains:

  • 1 fly baby
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 3 Tips silicones
  • 1 gasket silicone,
  • 25 disposable hygienic capsules

operating tips:

  • place a capsule in the compartment,
  • check the correct positioning of the seal silicone (protection of the Interior of the appliance)
  • close the lid,
  • place one of the 3 bits depending on the age of your baby,
  • turn on the fly baby, then gently insert the bit into the nostril taking his head and
  • keep this position for 8 seconds,
  • do the same for the other nostril.