Visiomed BabyDoo MX - 10 fly baby Duo

The fly baby Babydoo can be used in two ways according to the size of the child. By manual or oral suction.

Manufacturer: Visiomed

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SKU: 6544125 Visiomed BabyDoo MX - 10 fly baby Duo


the fly baby Duo MX-10 laboratories Visiomed Babydoo can help breathing nasal suctioning of all small, up to 3 years the child is not known to blow your nose only. The fly baby clears the nasal passages and make breathing easy baby. Two possible aspirations (manual or oral) depending on the level of baby footprint.

indications of Visiomed Baby Doo MX - 10 fly baby Duo:

Manual vacuum: gently insert the nasal tip into one nostril, by now well baby's head in order to avoid a movement sharply. Press the bulb to secretions. Release the pressure to release the nostril by suction. For hygiene, clean the nozzle before washing the second nostril.

suction by mouthpiece: place the tube at the end of the PEAR. Put the mouthpiece in the mouth then the nozzle in one of the nostrils of the baby. Gently aspirate nasal secretions. Clean the nozzle and change the nostril. If secretions are thick, put in fly baby of saline solution or a solution of sea water before its use to facilitate aspiration. Clean the fly baby after every use.