Visiomed Baby I Baby Vision

I Baby Vision is a camera that allows you to monitor baby anywhere.
Manufacturer: Visiomed


SKU 6544670 Visiomed Baby I Baby Vision


I Baby Vision of Visiomed laboratories is a digital audio camera to follow baby wherever you are. enjoy a unique technology for the monitoring of your child and his environment. this camera works with Iphones, Ipad and Ipod.

indications of Visiomed Baby I Baby Vision:

  • adjustable objective: 355 horizontal and 120 vertical rotation
  • Detection of movement and/or noise:
    alerts instantaneous and sending mail (with photos or videos)
  • audio function 2 voice to hear and talk to baby to comfort
  • dissemination of a Lullaby remote
  • ambient temperature sensor
  • infrared night up to 8 meters Vision
  • ability to connect up to 4 devices to a camera
  • hulls of interchangeable (optional) colors
  • black and white shells included
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