Vinay Bracelet repellent + 6ml refill


SKU 2941735 Vinay Bracelet repellent + 6 Ml refill


Vinay Kameleo Bracelet repellent all Zones with charging 6 ml to repel mosquitoes up to 8 hours per application. This waterproof repellent bracelet immediately creates a radius of protection up to 1 meter. It is suitable for children from 36 months and wraps around the arm, ankle, and any other medium (bedside table, stroller, backpack, belt.) to make sure an intense protection wherever you are. The mosquito repellent of recharge contains 42% IR3535 whose effectiveness is proven against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, wasps, flies and bees. Without DEET and alcohol. Suitable for pregnant women.

directions for use:

Place the bracelet. DAB 12 times the recharge to the center of the bracelet, on the target. Snapping the wrist or ankle strap so that it wraps itself.


Merck kGaA IR3535 (10%).


Box plastic 1 bracelet + 1 recharge