Vinay Bracelet mosquitoes Tigers


SKU 1405035 Manouka Bracelet Moustiques Tigres


Vinay repellent bracelet is reported to repel mosquitoes from all areas (including the Tiger mosquito), but also wasps, flies, bees and flies to avoid bites, and is suitable for pregnant women and children (from 36). It consists of the repellent IR3535 dosed at 10%, allowing universal protection against mosquitoes in the European area, a tropical or oceanic area. A immediate action and prolonged (8 hours of protection by application) for protection perfect, this bracelet Vinay now contains an aero-diffuser, aeroculicidinol complex, to promote the dispersion and repulsion of insects.

directions for use:

During each use: - place bracelet - DAB 12 times the recharge in the center of the bracelet on the target - snapping around the wrist or ankle bracelet so that it wraps itself.


IR3535 (42%) of Merck KGaA, effective against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, wasps, bees, horseflies. Without DEET.


1 bracelet + 1 recharge