Vinay ball diffuser repellent + 6ml refill

SKU: 2941681 Vinay ball diffuser repellent + 6 Ml refill


This ball can be hung everywhere on the amounts of a chairs as on a stroller, she will accompany you in your slightest movements: at the beach, in the mountains, in the forest, swimming pool, etc. It is effective to repel insects. The assets it contains spreads by evaporation with adjustable intensity by rotating the 2 half. She created so a protective field around you with a radius of 1 meter. Practical and effective, it can be used in all areas of the globe, in tropical or temperate areas.

Compared to many repellents, this diffuser ball represents no risk for pregnant women and for children from 36 months. 6 ml recharge to bring protection for 6 hours per day, as well as use for 30 days. The lotion contains the IR 3535 dosed at 10%, boosted by an aero-diffuser particularly volatile, the aero-culicidinol complex. Clinically proven effectiveness.

directions for use:

Remove the plastic cover, then open the ball. Then inject by opening 10 drops of assets that provides protection up to 6 hours per day. Well empty the pipette after use. Wait about 30 minutes to create a protection up to 1 m around the ball. Hook it to the place you want (bedside table, stroller, backpack.). Close the ball after use.


Merck kGaA IR3535 (50%).


Box plastic 1 ball + 1 recharge