Vinay Anti mosquito face and adult 75ml Body Lotion

SKU: 6380156 Manouka Lotion Anti Moustiques Adulte Visage Et Corps 75Ml


Adult lotion is used in dermal application on face and body.

Fat, sweet, refreshing and pleasant texture protects close until 11: 00.

Ideal for naptime, tanning, outdoor dining, hiking... Active ingredient: Icaridine (25%), effective against mosquito vectors of the Chikungunya, denguee, malaria, yellow fever and West Nile, ticks, flies, horseflies. (without DEET)

Immediate action for protection until 11: 00.

Formula tested under dermatological control. Effectiveness proven by an independent laboratory.

Light scent, cool and pleasant.

Should also be children from 36 months and pregnant women.

directions for use:

Shake before using.

Spray the solution on all parts of the discovered body (face, arms, legs).

Renew the application after shower or swimming. Face: do not directly spray.

Spray in your hand and then apply avoiding eyes and mouth.

Body: spray 10-15 cm from the skin.


formula tested under dermatological control. Icaridine (25%)


Spray 75 ml