Vicks water of sea Spray 100ml isotonic Nasal

This laboratories Vicks nasal spray helps a perfect nasal hygiene.
Manufacturer: Vicks
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SKU 4048972 Vicks water of sea Spray 100ml isotonic Nasal


Vicks sea water Spray isotonic helps keep optimal nasal hygiene. It flushes and cleanses the nostrils to facilitate a natural breath.
This spray cleans the nose colds and rhinitis allergy.
it allows to moisten the nasal mucosa and thus contributes to improved hygiene of the cavity nasal.

Indications of Vicks isotonic spray:

tilt your head to one side, exert brief pressure on the pump. Drain the excess solution and blow your nose. Repeat the process for the other nostril. clean the nozzle with hot water after each use.
there is no contraindications known.

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