Vichy LiftActiv Re-tensor eye 15ml

care lifting for the eye.
Manufacturer: Vichy


SKU 9934649 Vichy Liftactiv Re-tensor eye 15ml


Correction close for a Lifting effect to 360 of the gaze, even for sensitive eyes
This innovation is made possible thanks to the care Lifactiv eyes of the Vichy laboratories. It combines 3 powerful high tolerant assets:

  • the Rhamnose, plant 100% natural sugar at once soothing and anti-aging, capable of stimulating the DermIS Source, engine of youth of all skin, for a complete anti-aging correction: wrinkles and firmness.
  • The caffeine, Concealer promotes skin microcirculation and drainage anti-water.
  • Escin (extract from Brown to India), puffiness, anti-gonflements, decongests and soothes.

Your eye contour is rejuvenated, refreshed look. Its texture beautifying instant, anti-migration is easy application.

indications of Liftactiv eyes care Re-tensor:

This eye lifting treatment caters to all women who want a full correction of the eye:

  • wrinkles, eyelids.
  • dark circles and puffiness.
  • Even for sensitive eyes.

operating tips:

Apply morning and evening by light touches on the whole of the contour of the eye (dark circles, mobile lid up to the brow, bridle).
touch gently skin (without pressure), from the inside to the outside of the eye, then also gently tap. Complete the application on the bridle. LiftActiv eyes can be applied up to the edge of the eyelashes.

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