Vichy LiftActiv Flexiteint 25 Fond de Teint Clair 30ml

make complexion anti-wrinkle for light skin.
Manufacturer: Vichy


SKU 9525170 Vichy LiftActiv Flexiteint 25 Foundation 30 ml Light


The anti-wrinkle Foundation at the silicone texture tensor for a lifting shot d effect "brilliance immediately, without freezing the traits.
thanks to its elastic properties the tensor silicone texture, tightens the wrinkles and follows the movements of your face to smooth the lines and keep a unified and radiant complexion throughout the day.
the formula is enriched with collagyl composed of 3 stars of the anti-wrinkle Vichy products assets. It acts on all causes of aging to plump up wrinkles in 1 month.
instantly, wrinkles are visibly curves, the complexion is unified, shiny and bright, as a rested.
throughout the day, the lifting effect is maintained without freeze traits.

Flexiteint Clair Vichy Liftactiv operating tips:

after use of usual care in makeup base apply Foundation's fingertips by gestures straightening from the inside to the outside. Melt the contours in the neck, near the ears and on the top of the front for a result natural.

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