Vichy Dermablend 45 Gold 30ml

Makeup concealer for women suffering from slight skin defects. Shade 45 Gold.

Manufacturer: Vichy

SKU: 7986412 Vichy Dermablend 45 30 ml Tube


Corrective makeup for women suffering from slight skin defects. First coverage Malleable texture for a de-stress 12 h no effect complexion mask. Available in 5 shades. Complexion irregular, dark circles, redness.


Apply concealer Foundation on the tip of the fingers or with a small sponge, by light movements from the inside to the outside of the face. Strongest skin faults insist by tapping on the area concerned, and then stretch all around by outcrops. Melt the contours in the neck. near the ears and on the top of the front to avoid boundaries. Repeat the application until you obtain the desired coverage. 25% of ultra-couvrants pigments. Marriage of polymers and volatile oils. Hypoallergenic. No effect mask. Conservative. Compatibility makeup. Fragrance free.