Vichy Dercos Shampooing Nutri repairman in the collagen 200 ml


SKU: 7830041 Dercos shampoo Nutri repairman in the collagen 200 ml


The Ceramide is a patented active ingredient that provides a powerful influence in the heart of the hair cuticle. Replica of ceramide natural hair, it penetrates between the scales and restores the intercellular cement. It thus strengthens the cohesion of the cuticle and allows a protective sheathing for fiber.


hair are fed and repaired throughout their length. scales are smoothed and sheathed. brilliance and flexibility are found.

operating tips:

Apply 1 or 2 nuts of the length to the tips on hair towel-dried after each shampoo. let ask one minute then rinse abundantly. fluid and creamy Texture with a delicious blend of sweet almond and shea nut scent.