Vichy Dercos mask Riche Nutri repair 200ml

Intensely nourishes and repairs dry, damaged and brittle hair fiber

Manufacturer: Vichy

SKU: 2125154 Dercos mask Riche Nutri repair 200 ml

Properties: healthy hair is made of keratin and lipids, 2 components essential guarantors of its integrity. under the effect of external aggression the natural protection of the fiber degrades, leaving to escape these components: hair becomes dry, damaged. it combines the richness of 3 vegetable oils and the strength of keratino-complex to make the fiber the essential components of a hair healthy. repair and intense nutrition. Silky touch, shine light. operating tips: use after shampoo cream nutri repairer on damp hair, spread 1 or 2 nuts. Leave 1 minute then rinse. Conservation: keeps 12 months after opening