Vichy Deodorant Stick 3 S Lot of 2 x 40ml

deodorant stick without salts of aluminum for protection 24 hours.

Manufacturer: Vichy



SKU: 2593174 Vichy Deodorant Stick 24 lot 2 x 40ml

Deodorant is part of daily hygiene. They are effective and useful to hide bad smells and stop moisture under the armpits. But some deodorants are not suitable to all the world. So it's important to choose a deodorant adapted for each person.


The Vichy laboratories develop care of the face and body with the benefits of spa water from Vichy.

For the care of the body, the Vichy laboratories present Deodorant Stick 24 hours.

This deodorant is intended for women who are looking for true efficient deodorant without aluminum salts. In addition, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

So, this deodorant fight against odors 24 hours while respecting the skin, even the most sensitive. Indeed, it contains neither salts of aluminium, nor alcohol.

Its deodorant and antibacterial active, zinc Ricinoleate, allows care to skin a sensation of well-being and freshness that lasts throughout the day.

usage is convenient because it comes in the form of stick. This allows to apply it quickly and efficiently.

this deodorant leaves the skin smooth, soft, comfortable and respected throughout the day. Moreover, it leaves no white marks on the skin.

Tips for using Vichy Deodorant Stick 24:

use the stick 24 h deodorant daily after shower or bath on clean and dry armpits.


Deodorant formulated without aluminum salts, hypoallergenic. Paraben, alcohol-free and fragrance-free product.

Tested on sensitive skin.