Vichy Deodorant Spray fresh Extreme 24 Pack of 2 x 100ml

deodorant spray Vichy extreme freshness without salts of aluminnium.

Manufacturer: Vichy

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SKU: 2559941 Vichy Deodorant Spray fresh Extreme 24 lot 2 x 100ml


Deodorant is a cosmetic treatment that mask unpleasant body odor, by releasing the active ingredients that neutralize the bacteria.

The Vichy laboratories have developed a spray deodorant without aluminum salts. He left so no white marks on the skin. It neutralizes body odor by inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria and absorbs humidity. Additionally, its fruity fragrance provides a feeling of freshness and comfort. Its hypoallergenic formula helps minimize the risk of skin reaction because it contains No paraben.

24 hours your armpits are soft and deodorised.

Tips for using Vichy deodorant extreme freshness:

Spray deodorant in the morning on clean and dry armpits.