Vichy Deodorant anti-fingerprint white & yellow 48 h spray Lot of 2 x 125ml

deodorant anti-fingerprint yellow and white.

Manufacturer: Vichy

SKU: 2509541 Vichy Deodorant anti-fingerprint white & yellow 48 h lot 2x125ml


This antiperspirant deodorant spray of Vichy laboratories avoids traces yellow and white. It should be all types of skins. It has been designed to regulate the perspiration during 48 h. Its hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and paraben free formula, suitable for skins the most sensitive. after spraying, it leaves a soft and satin-finish film on the skin.

Tips for using Vichy Anti - white and yellow Trances:

This treatment vaporizes quickly and easily under your armpits, to ensure your comfort throughout the day by limiting the flow of sweat and deodorant pleasantly.