Vichy complexion Ideal Roll'On concealer 7ml


SKU 6336793 Vichy complexion Ideal Roll'On concealer 7ml


This roll allowed hide dark circles and imperfections without increase the visibility of wrinkles. It is suitable for all types of skins.

the formula of complexion ideal Roll on concealer is a combination of mineral pigments, spherical powders, pearls and a light oil. This cocktail of ingredients allows optimal coverage with a moisturizing and easy application. Your look is so illuminate so exceptional. Roll on ideal Complexion is equipped with a metal ball that allows to perform light massage at the level of the outline of the eye and the combined action of the ball with the formula increases the freshness when applying effect and limber look.

puffiness and dark circles fade, watch it glows.

complexion Ideal Roll On concealer tips:

  • Remove the eyebrows and eyelids, for a wider look, and a fresher complexion.
  • Apply under the eyes to hide dark circles and erase signs of fatigue.
  • Pass on other areas of your face shadow, to sculpt your features.
  • Attach to imperfections in order to camouflage them.