Vitry Anti-Parasite Room Spray 150ml

Eliminates parasites of the environment of the cat and dog

Manufacturer: Vetoform



SKU: 9535116

Vetoform pest control diffuser housing 150ml


treat parasites without risk


Vetoform diffuser housing to treat parasites of the environment. Basis of extract of Chrysanthemum, this diffuser is more environmentally friendly and is essential for a comprehensive treatment of the eggs, larvae, cocoons and adult. Also destroys dust mites, lice, spiders, ants...

tips to use:

place the diffuser elevated in the middle of the room. Press tab until his blocking, leave the room. Wait 2 hours to ventilate the room well.

Complete the bottle for 60 m dispersion


Chrysanthemum, (S) - Methoprene


150 Ml aerosol