VEA Marsiglia bread dermatological 100g

bread dermatological vea and pH neutral oil to cleanse the skin while respecting the epidermis.

Manufacturer: VEA

SKU: 7925669 Vea Marsiglia bread dermatological 100g


Vea Marsiglia is a protective dermatological bread vea oil and neutral pH. This dermatological bread is ideal for everyday use because it is against detergent SOAP on the skin barrier. It is recommended for normal, delicate, sensitive skin prone to skin allergies or prone to dermatitis hazards.

Indeed, this dermatological SOAP is obtained thanks to the exclusive use of palm kernel oil of first quality with oil of Vea which nourishes, moisturizes and protects.

Thanks its surgraissee gentle cleansing, Vea Marsiglia base:

  • cleans respecting the hydrolipidic film protecting the skin,

  • slows the dehydration,

  • softens the epidermis.

skin is fresh, bright and elastic.

Vea Marsiglia operating tips:

Use daily bread dermatological under the shower or bath, or directly on the previously moistened skin.


Product without fragrance, preservatives, colourings, animal fat or synthetic detergent.