Uriage Xemose cleansing oil soothing 400ml

The Oil cleansing soothing Xemose cleanses and hydrates dry skin, very dry or atopic tendency.
Manufacturer: Uriage
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SKU 2069906 Uriage Xemose cleansing oil soothing 400ml


Xemose oil cleansing soothing is intended for daily hygiene of dry to very dry skin or atopic skin. In the shower or in the bath, this oil cleans, moisturizes and soothes while preventing the feeling of tightness and discomfort. It reduces the incentives to scratching and can be used for all ages, children and adults. fragrance-free, Oil Xemose leaves a protective film on the skin. It benefits from the latest discovery patented laboratories Uriage, Cerasterol-2E, which is both restructuring and soothing. The skin is nourished deep thanks to Glycerin and shea butter extract. Uriage Spa when water in it strengthens the skin barrier and moisturizes . Hypoallergenic, it offers a high tolerance to sensitive and fragile skin.

Uriage Xemose oil cleansing soothing tips:

apply the oil on a wet skin. It can be used in the bath water. this oil perfectly fits everyday in the adult, child or baby