Uriage Xemose cleansing oil soothing 200ml

Oil to clean and soothe dry to very dry skin of the face and body.

Manufacturer: Uriage

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SKU: 3400300 Uriage Xemose cleansing oil soothing 200ml


Uriage laboratory has developed Xemose, a range of emollients for skin comfort extreme and lasting of dry skin very dry and atopic tendency.

Xemose oil cleansing soothing is a hypoallergenic treatment for dry skin and atopic tendency of the face and body. This extra soft oil specifically formulated for cleansing of dry skin very dry irritated and dried out by the calcareous waters.

This oil is used:

  • to clean and moisturize: e lle gently cleanses. Thanks to its unique gel-oil texture, it files a protective film moisturizing skin. ,

  • protect: it protects from the drying effects of hard water and adds comfort to the skin thanks to its agents gentle brightening,

  • to appease: it soothes feelings of discomfort and reduces the incentives to scratching through the water Thermale D'uriage, naturally rich in mineral salt and trace elements.

The skin while feeding and hydrated is protected.

Uriage Xemose cleansing oil operating tips:

Daily use of oil, the shower or the bath, emulsify a dose of oil by light massage on wet skin. Rinse and dry without rubbing.


is suitable for infants, children and adults.

This treatment is fragrance-free and manufactured in France.