Uriage substitute body lotion 500ml + cream cleansing 200ml

Milk cream nourishing skin dry and sensitive + cold cream foaming SOAP-free
Manufacturer: Uriage


SKU 2544520 Uriage offers exceptional substitute body lotion 500 ml + cream cleansing 200 ml


Milk-cream substitute body, texture, smooth and creamy, restores any softness to the skin dry.
amount foaming SOAP-free: this sweet, creamy, foaming cleansing base and very pleasantly scented cleans the skin gently and preserves the hydrolipid film

operating tips:

Substitute body: every day, on a clean and dry skin, ideally out of the shower or bath, apply and massage on the whole body.
amount foaming SOAP-free: use daily to keep skin soft and supple. Make lather and rinse.

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