Uriage Pruriced Gel 100ml Tube

Itching, tingling, warm-ups, stings of mosquitoes... Face, body (particularly the large skin areas, hairy areas of skin...). Babies, children, adults.
Manufacturer: Uriage
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SKU 7636818 Uriage Pruriced Gel 100 ml Tube Properties:

Pruriced Gel is the SOS anti-itch treatment specially designed for sensitive skin or irritated, very effective thanks to the presence of Calamine recognized for its immediate soothing effect on the skin.

  • Its form gel, non-greasy, high tolerance, is very nice to be applied (thanks to its fast penetration) in particular on very large areas of the body.
  • Effect very nice instant freshness.

operating tips:

spread slowly and thin on the area concerned as often as necessary.