Uriage Isofill Focus wrinkles 50ml cream

Plumps and permanently corrected for normal to combination skin

Manufacturer: Uriage

SKU: 9961095 Uriage Isofill Focus wrinkles 50 ml cream

Properties: the complex bio-active ISO 3R strengthened by the exceptional minerality of the thermal water of Uriage recovery 3 mechanisms basic anti-aging : reactivates the antioxidant ability of cells to prevent premature aging and strengthens capital of hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed. skin is glowing, toned, like plumped. It is permanently replenished. Gel cream basis very fresh and lightly powdered. operating tips: This cream with a touch soft and velvety to apply morning and/or evening on face and neck. It is suitable for normal skin mixed, even sensitive and delicate.