Uriage Hyseac mask peeling 100ml Tube


SKU: 4572070 Uriage Hyseac mask peeling 100ml Tube Properties:

Mask scrub soft allows use " la carte": absorbent efficiency of a mask and exfoliating action of a scrub for a dual effect on the skin. this treatment combines pleasure and smoothness thanks to its micro-beads which does not attack the skin. it the smooth and gives it shine while leaving a light characteristic scent of the Hyseac range.

  • Use to map: mask or scrub.
  • A galenic combining specific assets, pleasure and modernity.
  • A large model presentation.

operating tips:

in mask:

  • apply in a thin layer on the face
  • let sit for 2 minutes then rinse abundantly without massage
  • every day

in scrub:

  • apply on damp, face massage in circular motions, then rinse
  • 2 times a week
  • ,
  • avoid contact with the eyes, otherwise, rinse thoroughly with clear water