Uriage Gyn - Phy fresh 200ml Gel

Cleans gently and protects the balance of your intimate flora Learn more
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SKU 6147218 Uriage Gyn-Phy

Intimate flora, a fragile balance

Your intimate flora naturally consists of micro bacteria, it is therefore not a sterile environment. It is the same for your mouth and other orifices of your body. However, don't panic, these micro-bacteria are "" good bacteria"" they have a protective role and create a balance against the harmful bacteria for you.

Unfortunately this eco-system can be easily undermined by external events (change hormonal, weakened immune system, some antibiotics..), it is therefore necessary to provide special care to preserve its natural defences.

Uriage Gyn - Phy

Uriage laboratories have created for you Gyn - Phy (glyco-esters and glyco-flavonoids of Edelweiss) cream washer respecting all the properties of your vaginal flora with a pH value which allows him to recreate a balance of your flora daily. the water Thermale D'uriage contained in Gyn - Phy ensures hydratantation and anti-irritation at any time.

summary of the strengths of Uriage Gyn - Phy

following is a summary of the strengths of the Uriage Gyn - Phy cleansing cream :

  • A nice texture: white Frost Pearl, fine foam that rinses easily, fresh scent.
  • A great tolerance: hypoallergenic, paraben, colorant free, tested under gynaecological control.
  • Power cleaner a dry soft designed for the balance of the intimate mucous membranes.
  • Efficiency anti-irritation by the presence of the water Thermale D'uriage.

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Foam as a cleansing cream then rinse.

This cleansing cream is also suitable for girls from the age of 4.

  • Efficiency anti-irritation by the presence of the water Thermale D'uriage.
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