Uriage foam cleanser 150ml water

SKU: 2106524 Uriage foam cleanser 150 ml water


The laboratories Uriage Water cleansing foam is a facial for normal to combination skin. It cleans and cleanses gently. it sanitizes the skin gently to reveal its luster and regain his youth. The water Thermale D'uriage is completed in this formula. it assaults not and does not irritate the skin. Composed of anionic surfactants, destroys the imperfections within the epidermis. Water Cleansing Foam is hypo-allergenic, it does not contain soap, or parabens and possesses antimicrobial and purifying, virtues with the extract of Pomegranate.

foam cleaner Uriage operating tips:

apply water Uriage foam across the wet face, gently massage to lather then rinse carefully.