Uriage Depiderm SPF50 vial 30ml

SKU: 4454442 Depiderm 30 ml - Uriage SPF50

Properties of Depiderm SPF 50

Skin pigmentation is mainly due to the melanic pigments present in the skin. However, due to poor distribution or an overload of these pigments, brown spots can appear. One speaks then of hyperpigmentation. These spots are often located on the face, the dcollect and the mians they result from several factors:

  • Sun, exposure
  • , aging
  • the hormonal influence: pregnancy or oral contraceptive
  • inflammatory reaction, taking certain medications, dermatologic interventions, exposure to the Sun's recent scars.

Depiderm SPF 50 prevents the risk of reappparition of tasks. Depiderm SPF 50 contains a carefully selected filters association which provides high UVA and UVB protection on treated areas. Its there "Brown stain" associated with Uriage thermal water is targeted by blocking the action of enzymes key, responsible for the formation of melanin. Depiderm SPF 50 also protects existing hyperpigmented areas to prevent their accent especially during prolonged solar exhibitions.


here are the various strengths of Depiderm SPF 50

  • may be daily from the beautiful days.
  • Excellent protection against UVA and UVB RAYS.
  • Solution high tolerance.
  • Can serve as a basis for the development of a makeup.

Operating tips

Apply Depiderm SPF 50 across the face and hands, or directly on the tasks. Avoid contact with your eyes

Composition of Depiderm SPF 50


Water Thermale D'uriage

Emulsion O/W

Filters UVA UVB to Tinosorb M



vitamin C vectored

Titanium dioxide