Uriage Cu - Zn cream 40ml Tube

Irritation, to diffuse redness-prone skin or atopic skin. Skincare relay or as a complement to treatment. Babies, children, adults. Face (including contour of the mouth) and body. Learn more
Manufacturer: Uriage
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SKU 9530627 Uriage Cu - Zn cream 40 ml Tube

Thanks to the combined action of copper and Zinc, Cu-Zn cream is a non-Occlusive active care which effect sanitizer and repairman has been proven by testing clinical
Cu-Zn cream is a treatment that gives comfort to the skin by its soft texture, boasting a very good tolerance and invisible to the application.
skin is soothed and moisturized from the first applications.

  • Action fast sanitizing.
  • Comfortable and invisible texture.
  • Not Occlusive.
  • Without lanolin.
  • Unscented.
  • Preservative.

operating tips:

apply Cu-Zn cream on skin clean.
avoid contact with eyes.

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