Uriage Bariesun mineral SPF30 100ml cream

mineral sunscreen.

Manufacturer: Uriage

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SKU: 4518834 Uriage Bariesun cream SPF 30 100 ml mineral


Cream mineral SPF 30 of Uriage laboratories has been formulated to ensure protection and a high tolerance for intolerant skin or allergic. this sunscreen protects and nourishes your skin intensely against the damaging effects of the Sun (UVA, UVB).

It brings the best of protection vote skin thanks to its photoprotective complex 100% mineral. Water resistant and has a texture not greasy, very easy to spread.

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Uriage Bariesun cream mineral spf 30 operating tips:

Apply a generous and homogeneous dose before any exposure to the Sun. Renew the application frequently and systematically after a bath or a physical effort. Avoid contact with fragile textiles