Uriage baby Spray nebulizer Isophy nasal 100ml

Daily nasal hygiene
Manufacturer: Uriage


SKU 3400039 Uriage Spray nebulizer Isophy nasal 100ml

Composed of 100 per cent of water Thermale D'uriage exceptionally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, Isophy allows perfect nasal or eye cleaning and care. It purifies, soothes and protects by strengthening natural defenses including during allergic or infectious episodes.
in nasal use, Isophy allows to evacuate the mucus and clear the nose, soothe and clean the nasal mucous membranes without drying out them.
use eye, Isophy (pods) cleans, sanitizes and eliminates impurities gentle.

  • All the wealth and benefits of the water Thermale D'uriage naturally isotonic, sterile, soothing, Sanitizer, protective and moisturizing.
  • Two care tailored to each age and each situation.

Isophy spray nasal anti-mucosites (from 1 year):

  • For hygiene more one-way valve and a continuous sterility of the product.
  • Works in all positions.
  • Ultra-fine spray that perfectly respects the integrity of the nasal fossae.
  • Conditioning air vacuum and completely sterile, preservative-free.

Isophy pods for nose and eyes (at birth):

  • Pods sterile, rebouchables, convenient to carry around.
  • Rounded anatomical tips.
  • Recommended and used in maternity.

operating tips:

Isophy is used every day and especially during allergic episodes or infectious.

Isophy spray:

  • 1 to 2 sprays in each nostril to renew in the day as needed.
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