Uriage baby cream washer bottle 500ml

Delicate and sensitive skin. Face, body, hair,. Babies, children.

Manufacturer: Uriage



SKU: 4454436 Uriage baby cream washer bottle 500 ml Properties:

Liquid amount containing 1/3 of nourishing milk, Cream cleansing is a 2 in 1 care: cleaning and feeding in a single step. It preserves the hydrolipid film, perfectly respects the skin balance and compensates the drying effects of hard water. pleasantly scented and developing a fine and creamy foam easy to rinse off Cleansing cream leaves the skin perfectly clean, soft and hydrated.

  • Care 2 in 1: cleaning and nourishing.
  • Physiological pH SOAP-free cleansing base.
  • Fresh and delicate fragrance.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Recommended and used in maternity.

operating tips:

getting lather on wet skin, then rinse.