Uriage Baby 1st water wipes by 25


SKU 7575637 Uriage 1st water wipes by 25 Properties:

1 era water cleans and removes all impurities and dirt from face, body or seat of the baby without it being necessary to rinse. Concentrated in soothing Uriage thermal water, 1 era water is enriched with moisturizing and softening active ingredients and is delicately perfumed.

  • Cleaning without rinsing, essential at home, away on a trip...
  • Moisturizing and soothing.
  • Recommended and used in maternity.
  • Exists in package of 25 wipes, soft and extra-sweet.

operating tips:

1 era water apply with a cotton directly on to clean areas. Same with the wipes. it is not necessary to rinse.