Urgo Vital Acerola 1000 vitamin C 30 tablets

Acerola 1000 vitamin C is in the form of chewable to regain form and vitality.

Manufacturer: Urgo

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Urgo Vital Acerola 1000 vitamin C 30 chewable tablets


Dietary supplement Acerola 1000 vitamin C tablets chewable reduces fatigue, preserves the tone and for strengthening the immune system.

Urgo Vital Acerola 1000 is formulated from acerola extract, a vitamin C-rich fruit. Vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and helps reduce fatigue. Vitamin C deficiency can cause annoying such as fatigue events and weakened immune defenses.

Operating tips:

Take 1 tablet chewable per day, preferably morning.


Food supplement that contains: Acerola extract (1000mg) rich in vitamin C, associated with supplementation of vitamin C (180mg).