Urgo Prevention Mycoses Spray 150ml

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Action 3 in 1 anti-mycose, anti-perspirant, deodorant

Manufacturer: Urgo

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SKU: 5103331 Urgo Prevention Mycoses Spray 150 ml

Properties: action 3 in 1 Solution ready to use :-eliminates 99.99% of fungi of the foot athlete and fungal infections of the nails. -limit perspiration and thus helps to create a healthy environment that is unfavourable to the development of fungal infections and smells unpleasant. -deodorizes and provides a feeling of freshness immediately. -applies directly on the feet and in shoes. -can be used easily and without stress : not bold, leaves no traces, without contact with the fingers, spray multi-position. -Formula without parabens and phthalates. operating tips: 1. Spray directly on the soles of the feet and between the fingers of foot. 2. Spray inside shoes (spray head down possible). 3. Leave dry. apply once per day on the feet and shoes, preferably in the evening. after each contact with potentially contaminated soil.

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A. Anonymous
  the 06/07/2018
4/ 5
Refreshing and feet feel cool