Urgo Prevention Crevasse hands 50ml


SKU: 9798399 Urgo Prevention Crevasse hands 50 ml

Description: the hands are often prone to drying out and can spoil quickly and will crack, crack or is chapping. URGO laboratories put at your disposal the cracks PREVENTION cream with nourishing and moisturizing substances association repairs, protects and restores all the sweetness to your hands Properties: PREVENTION CREVICES cream contains :-wheat germ oil: it is rich in vitamin E which will strengthen skin cell regeneration to repair skin damaged. -Glycerin and shea butter : These are two highly hydrating substances to soften the skin. -Of the Trelahose: It will strengthen the resistance of the hands face external attacks -Of the Allantoin: it soothes feelings of discomfort. results: hands are intensely nourished and hydrated to quickly find their comfort and softness while avoiding the appearance of cracks. operating tips : several times per day, massage your hands with a DAB of the cream preventing cracks