Urgo horns and eyes of Partridge bandages box of 5

Treatment with Glycerine relieves, softens and gently removes

Manufacturer: Urgo

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SKU: 6005458 Urgo horns and eyes of Partridge 5 gel dressings

Overview : repeated friction, painful pressure, the toes are subject to the horns and eyes of Partridge which materialize through a skin on thickened in a localized part of foot. dressing Urgo horns and eyes of partridges treatment with Glycerin is an effective solution to regain good health without callus feet :-of his application, it relieves pain by eliminating pressure areas -and then it eliminates the corns or Partridge eye in sweetness by emollient effect thanks to the moisturizing action of Glycerin, in addition to the action of the mass hydrocolloid. operating tips : leave the bandage in place until it detaches itself. Once the bandage off, for a better efficiency of the treatment, remove excess skin ramolie, on the surface of the area concerned and then paste it back into a new dressing.