Urgo healing fast finger bandages box of 8

Rich hydrocolloid bandage healing quick help to the wound healing.
Manufacturer: Urgo
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SKU 6355750 Urgo healing fast finger 8 dressings


Urgo healing fast finger contains a compress hydrocolloid allow a quick healing of superficial wounds that bleed more.

dressing Urgo has support transparent and impervious to water. A form adapted for optimal handling and protection. The hydrocolloid pad forms a dermo-restoring gel, which promotes healing by absorbing the wound secretions and relieves pain. The dressing can remain in place several days and retired easily and painlessly.

operating Urgo dressings healing fast finger tips:

heat the dressing into the hands and then apply and avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers and smoothing the edges. Do not remove the dressing, it will blast off himself. Do not leave it in place more than 3 days.

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