Urgo grater electric

Remove the calluses from feet.
Manufacturer: Urgo
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The electric grater URGO allows to remove the calluses from feet to have smooth skin and smooth.

It eliminates calluses, restores softness to the foot, is quick and efficient.

Ultra convenient, it allows an ergonomic grip that allows easy access to all areas of the foot.

Designed to resist water, electric grater URGO therefore cleans without constraint.

Batteries and brush cleaning included.

directions for use:

Never use on another part of the body or on injured skin.

Wash and completely dry the area to be treated before use.

Remove the protective cap and start the Shaver by pressing the safety button while pushing the power button / stop upwards.

Scrub roller will begin to turn. Pass the roll on skin applying light pressure medium according to your need not exceed 3 seconds on the same area.

If you press too hard, the Exfoliating roller will stop rotating.

Once the callus is removed, do not use the grater on healthy skin.

As soon as you have reached the desired result or roller touches a part of healthy skin, stop use.